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Claire Welling at WYCAS has asked Dick what his duties as vice chair are. This is what Dick has to say:

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Gosh, someone has replied to me! Claire Welling at WYCAS (West Yorkshire Community Accounting Service) has asked me what my duties are as vice chair.

Well, the funny thing is that when I volunteered for the role I thought it would be a lot of fun. Once again my propensity to take things literally landed me in it. I think I am going to really surprise Claire when she reads just how much I know about being the deputy of a trustee board.

I sense that she may have considered me a little immature when she visited our trustee board a couple of years ago to talk to us about our accounts. What I certainly did not realise when I volunteered to be vice chair was that the person in the role of vice chair is being prepared to be the next chair! It was almost too much for me to take, but I can’t imagine Julian the current chair ever standing down because he does so love to be in charge. He was head boy at school and he likes to think he is head boy now. 

Anyway, I have got a long list of the jobs of the chair and when the chair is not here then I am supposed to do these jobs. Julian gave me this list and I asked where he had got all these jobs from. Guess what? they were provided by the Small Groups Development  Worker at Voluntary Action Leeds. I think she deliberately drew up loads of tasks that we have to do because she thinks I may be superficial or unreliable.

So, for the benefit of Claire ( I would have thought Claire would know all this but…)  here are the tasks of a chair, and if the chair is missing they would be the tasks for the vice chair, and if the vice chair had had enough then they would be the job of any trustee because at the end of the day  we are collectively responsible! (I got that from the Charity Commission!)

The jobs of the chair are: 

  1. Prepare the agenda for the trustee board meetings with the secretary. (That’s Anne by the way - I haven’t told you much about her yet)
  2. To chair trustee board meetings and general meetings.
  3. To represent the charity and to speak on its behalf (I am never allowed to do that!)
  4. To have an overview of the charity and its work.
  5. To lead, produce ideas and keep the charity on the right lines.
  6. To support and encourage other trustees.
  7. To help to resolve conflict.

So there we are. I do hope that this has answered your question Claire and do not hesitate to send more questions to me. Happy New Year to everyone!

Who is Dick?

Written in the name of 'Dick' a fictional trustee at Kirren Isle Community Associationby Kathy Faulks, Small Groups Development Worker at Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL).

Dick wants you to make suggestions for subjects that you would like him to blog about. To make a suggestion please leave a comment below.

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  1. Bernard Mitchinson:
    Jan 09, 2014 at 11:43 AM

    Welcome to blogging Kathy, sorry Dick.

    My advice, for what's worth:

    Keep it topical

    Match with your Facebook site, this attracts a different section of the community;

    Plug on Twitter.

    Get rid of the clutter.

    Check out other bloggers; usually using Wordpress;

    Keep it simple.


    Best wishes, Bernard

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