Board diversity. You decide...

Written by Kathy Faulks, Small Groups Development Worker at VAL in the name of 'Dick' a fictional trustee. Dick gives you the details of the board members of Kirren Isle Community Association - do we keep them?

Is there anybody out there? I know I have asked this before but so far I jolly well haven’t had much response.

Well, Claire Welling and Laura Elson did get back to me - Happy New Year chums. But where is everyone else? I thought this social media world was buzzing……

Anyway, Laura has pointed out that we need to liven up board meetings and maybe even recruit new people. (I hope she doesn’t think I should be replaced, I mean, at least I’m lively). I digress. Let me tell you reader about our current board members and then perhaps you can send suggestions about: 

a. Whether we should keep them (!)

b. What kind of new people should we try to recruit?  

Current board members of Kirren Isle Community Association

Chair Julian
Gender Male
Age 60 something
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Hetrosexual
Disability None
Marital Status Married
Religion or beliefs Anglican
Interests Nuclear power; camping; swimming; picnics
Strengths Leadership; very responsible and trustworthy; always prepared; knowledgeable; diplomatic.
Weaknesses Easily influenced especially by the Small Groups Development Worker at Voluntary Action Leeds.
Dress Code Blazer; khaki shorts; khaki shirt with tie
Favourite food Lobster
Favourite drink Ginger beer











Vice Chair Dick
Gender Male
Age 50 something
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Gay
Disability None
Marital Status Civil Partnership
Religion or beliefts Jedi Knight
Interests Monty Python movies; camping; swimming; picnics   
Strengths Sense of humour; team player; good at calming down volunteers; attends lots of training
Weaknesses None
Dress Code Khaki shorts and khaki shirt
Favourite food Hard boiled eggs
Favourite drink Ginger beer


Secretary Anne
Gender Female
Age 60 something
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Bi-sexual
Disability None
Marital Status Divorced
Religion or beliefs Buddhist
Interests Taking minutes; housekeeping; camping; swimming; picnics 
Strengths Kind and helpful; very optimistic; efficient
Weaknesses Cries a lot; defers to Julian; over-sensitive
Dress Code Jersey and skirt
Favourite food Sardine sandwiches
Favourite drink Lemonade
Treasurer George
Gender Female
Age 40 something
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Disability None
Marital Status Other
Religion or beliefs Atheist

Rugby; camping ; swimming; picnics; Timmy the dog

Strengths Loyal; good at sums
Weaknesses Inflexible; bad tempered; intolerant, over-sensitive
Dress Code Khaki shorts and khaki shirt
Favourite food Fruit cake
Favourite drink Ginger beer

Having been on lots of diversity training I can jolly well tell you that this board is:

  • Very diverse on sexual orientation
  • Untruthful on age
  • A little bit diverse on religion
  • Fine on gender
  • ...and appalling on ethnicity and disability.

Over to you

So, now it’s over to you.

Gosh, I have never seen that programme Big Brother but I believe people get voted out of the house. Should we keep these trustees or start again with a different bunch? Take a closer look at the strengths of each trustee and decide:

a. Whether we should keep them (?!)

b. What kind of new people should we try to recruit?  

Bear in mind that this trustee board has bonded for many years through their shared interests of camping and eating huge picnics. This board knows how to have fun!

The Board members are:

  • Julian (chair)
  • Dick (vice-chair - that's me!)
  • Anne (secretary)
  • George (treasurer)

Leave a comment below to tell me what you think - will you vote off the whole board or an individual? Should we be looking at finding anyone new?


p.s. Please keep me on board


Comments (3)

  1. Laura McFarlane-Shopes:
    Jan 09, 2014 at 02:05 PM

    Goodness! Well, since there are only four trustees I would have thought you could do some recruitment and get some more people on board (scuse the pun) without needing to get rid of people?! It looks like there are a good mix of strengths and they get on well.

  2. Bernard Mitchinson:
    Jan 09, 2014 at 03:38 PM

    So what's the purpose of this blog: amuse, inform, advise or provoke.

    Cheers, Bernard

  3. Natasha:
    Jan 10, 2014 at 11:03 AM

    Golly Gosh what a spiffin' sounding Board, lashings of enthusiasm and bundles of fun :)
    I have always felt that a Trustee Board should mirror the community that their organisation supports and so they should see if this is the case. Also, with all of the changes happening within the sector, maybe keep the fabulous four and recruit a couple of new trustees who are both assertive (able to challenge Dick) and can bring fresh ideas to the direction of the group. I would suggest they ask Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbara, George, Pam and Colin. (well done to those who understood that reference!)

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