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Norma Thompson, Chair of Third Sector Leeds, reports on Together for Peace's powerful, relaxed, connected evening on Tuesday 3 June which challenged and stimulated her to think about inequality 'live at Leeds'.

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In One City: Inequality and Well-being

On Tuesday 3 June Together for Peace (T4P) showed two short films as part of their season looking at the economics of inequality. Having seen 'UK Gold' a couple of months ago, which showed the shocking scale of the City of London's off shore relationships and the impact this has had on the UK, I was keen to see 'In One City: Inequality and Well-being'.

The films were stimulating and challenging, shown very low tec via computer on the wall of a room; local workers and residents explored the issues facing people in the Inner City areas of Leeds and the lack of benefit they see from the growth of the city, as the wealth created flows out to the surrounding areas and further away.

Thanks T4P!

But a more significant value of these film evenings lies in the conversations facilitated by T4P following the showings; no shuffling out in the dark during the credits, but pizza and wine for those who wanted it and some really brilliant connections made with people from very different places. A big thank you to T4P and all those who attended.

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