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Kathy Faulks, Support Worker (Group Development) at Voluntary Action Leeds, recently attended the launch of "A Chair's Compass".

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Good news for chairs! This publication is free to download from the Association of Chairs website

Also, if you are a chair in Leeds have you thought about joining the Association of Chairs? The association has been in existence for just a year and is already making a big impact with supper clubs, provision of information and resources and most important of all providing a national voice for chairs. Go to the same link above to join.

Anyway, I digress! Let me tell you what is so valuable about “A Chair’s Compass”. Imagine a terrain without maps and finding your way without a compass. Well, some charities seem to be in just that position! This little gem of a book uses the language of navigation throughout and it works!

So, we have the four Cs of leadership navigation:

  1. Clarity of purpose
  2. Constructive relationships
  3. Coherent board
  4. Considered decision making

I love all the references to bearings and journeys! “Preparing yourself for the journey”, “When the going gets tough” (and no the answer isn’t “the tough get going”!) and my favourite phrase is “Understanding your charity’s terrain”.

So, sit down.......

...... make yourself a cup of tea.....

.......and change your perception of yourself as a chair!


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  1. NormaT:
    Dec 16, 2014 at 10:22 AM

    I am downloading this now, sounds just the thing!

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