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Who you know! ...Pool in Wharfedale's Neighbourhood Plan steering group

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An invitation to join the Steering Group for Pool in Wharfedale's Neighbourhood Plan was too difficult to resist. However, the first meeting highlighted that the subject would require a great deal of research and commitment.  Fortunately, the group included younger people with extensive social media skills and challenging jobs, for them the Plan was a breeze.

Seeking a role in this high flying group appeared to be problem, but someone was required to take on the more practical tasks. Suddenly, I was volunteering for a sub-group required to organise the first event; in a flash old committee skills came to the fore and I was booking the village hall, contacting businesses, requistioning  local social groups, and most importantly securing display stands for an unknown number of participants.

The rest is history, the content provided by the Steering Group was excellent, the event was a success and I am thankful to my contacts in Leeds Planning Department, West North West Area Support Team, and of course, VAL. My ancient networking skills paid off and I can add a few new names to my little black book. Thank you.

Bernard Mitchinson

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  1. Kathy Faulks:
    Feb 23, 2015 at 10:45 AM

    Excellent blog Bernard.
    More from Pool in Wharfedale please!

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