Red rim of reproach

Kathy Faulks attended the second meeting of the Association of Chairs (Yorkshire and Humber region) on 23rd March 2015.

governance academy blog Catherine Rustomji who is National Head of Charities at DWF Solicitors  spoke eloquently about the challenges of regulation for smaller charities. She pointed out that only trustees can decide which activities a charity will undertake to further its objects unless there is a wrongdoing.

She also emphasised that the Charity Commission register is the “shop window” for registered charities and that late returns will show up in red for 5 years. There may not be financial penalties for late returns as there are  with Companies House and could be with HMRC but the efficiency of the charity is in question when the charity shows up in red and this may be a high price for the charity to pay!

Make sure that someone has been delegated to take responsibility for punctual returns to the Charity Commission. See Charity commission guidance contained in CC3 – The essential trustee for the role of the company secretary.

 “Naughty charities are in the minority”

Make sure you charity is not on the naughty step for 5 years!    


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