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The Governance Academy brings to your attention a concern of the Charity Commission - that you may not realise that you are a trustee!

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Imagine the nightmare for Gregor Samsa when he woke up to find that he had transformed into a huge insect. (Franz Kafka - "Metamorphosis").

Imagine your shock if you suddenly suspect that you may in fact be a trustee!

Perhaps you had seen yourself as a "volunteer", a sub committee member, maybe even a committee member or a governor, but not a trustee?

The fact is that if you are one of the people responsible for running a charity you may be legally a trustee.

The Charity Commission is worried that "too many people serving on trustee boards don't realize they are trustees".

If you live in Leeds and are not sure whether or not you are a trustee you are very welcome to discuss this with the Governance Worker at Voluntary Action Leeds.

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