"The courage to serve them with reliance"

The Governance Academy reflects on public confidence in charities and the Charity Commission's strategic Plan 2015-18.

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Recognize the quote? It's Maria in the Sound of Music and she is not entirely sure how things are going to turn out as she approaches  her new post as a  governess, having proved to be  hopeless as a nun. Sometimes I feel a bit like that in respect of the Charity Commission.

Anyway, the Commission tell us it's all about public confidence in charities and the upholding of trust.

They also tell us that in order to a achieve this they must focus on enforcement and prevention. Are they right? Anyway, their plan is summarised and you can download it at:

Their main priorities are

  1. Protecting charities from abuse or mismanagement (Why does this have to be number one when abuse is a minority factor?)
  2. Enabling trustees to run their charities effectively ( Yes!)
  3. Encouraging greater transparency and accountability by charities (They could start with themselves)
  4. Operating as an efficient, expert regulator with sustainable funding (Lets hope the funding comes from the government not the charities!)
What do you think?

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