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The Governance Academy imagines what would happen if Santa formed a charity

Santa waving

Well, the whole concept of Christmas as we know it would change. Santa would no longer be the dominant individual.

The little elves would no longer be Santa's little helpers. No, there would be a trustee board with collective responsibility and Santa would no longer be able to tell the elves what to do. Sometimes Santa sends a little elf down a particularly tricky chimney, this would come to an end. Decisions about delegation in respect of chimneys would be a board decision not just left to bossy Santa.

In fact, Michelle Russell from the Charity Commission has recently contributed to a press release from the Commission about this very subject and she has this to say: "The impact of dominant individuals is one of those underlying factors that we know can hinder good governance. Strong leadership is important, and often charities rely on the passion, drive and volunteer time of key individuals but when they are allowed excessive power or influence within the charity, the other trustees are likely to disengage, fail to contribute to or challenge ideas or decisions."

So there we are. I suspect that you are keen to know of the fate of the reindeer in this new charity? So, tell the academy what you think would become of the reindeer!

Meanwhile have a very Merry Christmas.

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  1. Claire Welling:
    Dec 22, 2015 at 01:01 PM

    The elves would be entitled to have a pension scheme under auto-enrolment and their minimum wage would increase. Not sure about reindeer...

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