Bored at the board meeting?

Especially for Trustees' Week - Governance Academy blog providing tips for trustees to liven up trustee board meetings.

People meeting

If boredom, inertia and tedium are the only problems at your trustee meetings then thank your lucky stars! It would be nice to stay awake though wouldn't it?

  • Make sure you have a diverse board. A recipe for monotony is half a dozen people with a similar background who have served as trustees for years and have heard it all before. Get some new life! Get a melting pot of different ages, different genders, different ethnicities, various sexual orientations and encourage people with disabilities to consider being trustees.
  • Make sure that the board has a lively chair.
  • The agenda should have been prepared and distributed in advance. This allows each trustee to prepare for the meeting.
  • Refreshments should be available.
  • Make sure the room is well ventilated.
  • The meeting should begin and end on time.
  • Quality discussion discourages inertia.
  • All trustees should engage and participate.
  • Humour should be encouraged.
  • Have a 10 minute fun team building exercise.
  • Leave all your devices at the door.


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