Four Reasons To Choose A Career Helping Others

Choosing your career path can be difficult, but if you choose a career helping others you're likely to be healthy, happy and more fulfilled...

Approaching graduation with no career ambitions in mind is a scary time. It can often feel like everyone else has their life on track and knows where they are headed. While some might have an idea of precisely what job they want to do, others might only have an inkling about the kind of job they want. This was the case for me, and it took me a while to find my career path.

All I knew is that I wanted to do a job helping others.

I’d worked with charities throughout my time at university and I knew that I loved working with children. I eventually found myself working for a private adoption agency, and then I went back to school to train as a social worker. I’d never imagined I would go into social work, but I’m glad I found this line of work because it opened my eyes to the power of helping others. Based on the people I’ve spoken to, there’s a common theme amongst people who choose careers helping others: they’re all very happy. Here are four reasons you should consider choosing a career helping others.

Increase your job satisfaction
The majority of jobs are thankless, and this weighs a person down after a while. In university, I worked behind the scenes on costumes for a musical. No one thanked me. I wasn’t thanked in the programme, or by the director, and yet the costumes were mentioned in all of the reviews. While helping others might not always mean that people say thank you, when you can see the positive impact you have on someone’s life, it makes all the difference.

You’ll meet some amazing people
There isn’t one “type” of person that goes into third sector work, charity work, or work helping others. Which means you get to work with a pretty inspiring bunch of individuals. When everyone is united by a common goal, it makes getting stuff done a lot easier. No one is trying to stab you in the back to steal a promotion, and it makes for a pretty fun working environment.

It helps on the difficult days
We all have bad days at work, and working in careers helping others is no different. But on those darker days, it really helps to be able to remind yourself that you are actually making a difference.

You’ll be healthier and happier
People who are happy at work tend to live longer. Fact. Staying in a good mood at work can actually add years on your life. Why would anyone choose to be stressed out in a cubicle when they could be helping raise money or caring for children in need?

"Rebecca Harper is a freelance writer and trainee social worker living in London. She started her career working with Lorimer Fostering, helping to organise training sessions for prospective foster carers."

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