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A visit to the first Neighbourhood Older Persons service in Leeds

It’s a simple and effective idea; set up a charity that knows the older people in a neighbourhood, put on social activities and provide simple services that reduce the barriers to living a full life. In fact it’s so simple and effective that Leeds has a network of 35 projects across the city doing exactly that…in 1986 Belle Isle Elderly Winter Aid (BIEWA) were first….

Why being a user led organisation is special #SmallCharitiesWeek

About 11 years back Connect in the North made a big decision. After starting life as a member organisation of small third sector organisations committed to improving the lives of people with learning difficulties, Connect in the North’s predecessor organisation asked itself why it didn’t have any people who use services on its Board. If it really believed that learning difficulties should be no barrier to success, it needed to show this in the way it was run.

So what is the National Minimum Wage?

Both the National Living and the National Minimum wage are going up on 1 April 2017. By law you must pay workers at least the appropriate National Living or National Minimum Wage depending on their age and whether they’re an apprentice.

1098 and all that means

That is the number of Leeds groups, charities and social enterprises that Kathy Faulks has worked with since she commenced work at Voluntary Action Leeds in September 2005. Now, she bids you farewell.

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