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Third Sector’s Got Talent

Woman holding up arm with #VolunteerSelfie printed on itVAL’s Interim Supporting Organisations Manager Laura Elson talks about a new talent development scheme at VAL, and how your organisation can reap the benefits of similar schemes.

Pick 'n' mix

Governance Academy logoThe Governance Academy brings to your attention a concern of the Charity Commission - that you may not realise that you are a trustee!

Who's checking?

governance academy logoThis is the first blog from the Governance Academy, now live at Academy. The academy takes a glance at who is checking up on charity fundraising.

ESV Intro

Photo of BrendanHi everyone, my name is Brendan Tannam. I am the new Support Worker for VAL working in partnership with Leeds City Council (LCC).

Another Day, Another SORP

Piggy bankYou may have seen some messages from the Charity Commission recently about a new Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) which applies to accounting periods starting after 1 January 2015.

Sector Jobs

Doing Good Leeds advertises job vacancies.