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Empowering the next generation: Spotting red flags 🚩 through workshops and interactive theatre!

Added: 22/08/2023

Soundproofbox CIC

It was a bright sunny morning in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The sun was blaring through our kitchen window while my daughter and I had breakfast. I’d got a great idea about bringing some training and talks into schools, so I addressed my 13 yr old- ‘Darling, sweetie, honey, how you you feel if I go into schools and talk about red flags in relationships? I was met with ‘Oh God, no mum, no one wants to see an old lady with a PowerPoint. Please do something more interesting

That more interesting became our red flags interactive theatre production for shows.

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s incredibly important to equip our young folks with the tools to identify coercive control in relationships. And guess what? Thanks to my teenage daughter, we’re doing it through some awesome workshops and interactive theatre! By teaching them to recognise early signs and red flags, we can help them steer clear of toxic situations and build healthier connections. These engaging activities also send a strong message that we won’t tolerate such behaviours. Together, we’re shaping a future where policy changes and enforcement are backed by a generation that says NO to domestic abuse and homophobia alike.

Spotting the Signs: Empowering Through Workshops!

Our theatre-style workshops are incredible learning opportunities! They provide a safe space for young individuals to share, learn, and support each other in recognising coercive control. Through interactive exercises and discussions, they gain practical skills to stand up for themselves and their friends, creating a solid foundation for healthier relationships. It’s all about empowering them to take charge of their lives!

Changing perspectives: uniting through interactive theatre

Imagine this: we’re experiencing powerful interactive theatre that directly addresses coercive control. Real actors portray challenging situations, drawing us into the story emotionally and intellectually. It’s like seeing our own lives reflected in the characters, urging us to break free from toxic patterns. Interactive theatre unites us, strengthens our understanding, and empowers us to tackle these issues together!

Empowering the future Policy change & enforcement leaders

Because our audiences don’t stay young forever we know they are the leaders, policy makers and law enforcers of the future. We are making changing from the ground up.

Our workshops and interactive theatre experiences fuel the next generation of leaders! They inspire young individuals to take action and become the drivers of positive change. As they grow into policymakers and enforcers, they’ll remember the impact of these workshops and theatre performances. With passion and knowledge, they’ll advocate for policies that protect victims and hold abusers accountable. Together, we’re building an unstoppable force!

Inspiring loud voices: Speak up and speak out on and offstage!

But wait, there’s more! We won’t stop at workshops and theatre – we’re all about amplifying voices! We aren’t liked Soundproofbox for nothing. Encouraging young folks to share their experiences through interactive performances or even create their own plays empowers them further. This on and offstage activism ensures that we keep the conversation alive, breaking the silence and fostering a community that stands strong against coercive control.

Alright, folks, let’s bring it all together! Our workshops and interactive theatre experiences are powerful tools for empowering young individuals to spot coercive control and create healthier relationships. Through this dynamic approach, we’re building a future generation that stands up against domestic abuse and homophobia. So, join us on this journey of positive change, as we equip our youth with the knowledge and confidence to make the world a better place! Let’s rise up, level up, and shine bright together! 🌟💪

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Soundproofbox CIC

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