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Socially Connected Leeds: From Deficits to Assets

Added: 11/05/2020

This post is part of a series of blogs sharing good news stories, positive practice and the range of innovative ways communities in Leeds are remaining connected through neighbourliness.

From Deficits to Assets — Re-framing the response to Covid 19

Leeds has had a long history of working with Cormac Russell from Nurture Development

This was from the start of our Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) journey when he did the initial training with 3 of our Neighbourhood Networks as part of the ‘Senior Network Support Project’ back in 2013/15.

He has maintained that contact since, from continuing to deliver training, to speaking at conferences in the city, to being a real champion of our approach in Leeds.

We were therefore really pleased when he agreed to kindly deliver a free mentoring session for our ABCD Community Builders next week.

For this he has produced the tables below (please click right to view larger image):

As can be seen, in highlighting an asset based response versus a deficit response, this reflects the approach we are trying to implement in Leeds. Something we not only want to do in our response to Covid 19 (as shown in this series of blogs) but also as we come out of the crisis and we continue to proliferate and nurture Asset Based Community Development in Leeds.

This post was written by:

Mick Ward

Chief Officer, Transformation and Innovation – Adults and Health,

Leeds City Council


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