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#TogetherLeeds: Supporting one another

Added: 01/05/2020


Project Worker at Voluntary Action Leeds  

Supporting one another has never been more important than it is now. Our Community Care Volunteering programme is helping people all over the city, but beyond that, there are lots of ways you can help your community and support your neighbours.

Since March, people across social media have been sharing their stories of community support and neighbourliness happening across Leeds. The way that people have come together to support one another has been so heart-warming and to be honest, has really lifted our spirits when writing this blog!
We’ll be sharing highlights of everything the wonderful people of Leeds are doing in this weekly blog feature, so if you need a little pick-me-up or want to be inspired about how to support people in your community, this is the place to come.
SlungLow are calling for budding artists to get their creative juices flowing and contribute to an Art Gallery on the streets of Holbeck and Beeston. What a wonderful idea to get inspired and spread some joy across LS11:
Are you a filmmaker? Or do you prefer being in front of the camera? Touchstone are asking local people in Burmantofts to take part in a film, exploring life in the area. Why not get your family involved and do this together? What a fun way to document these unprecedented times we find ourselves in:
One street in Leeds is really pulling together to get through lockdown; neighbours are handing out homemade brownies, they are supporting local businesses by placing group orders for freshly baked goods and helping each other to grow their own produce by giving out pumpkin plants! Such community spirit is much-needed right now, keep it up guys!:
The Tribe Youth Group is working hard to get children and young people active by creating weekly challenges to carry out during lockdown. Here are a few fun challenges they’ve put together and ones that have been completed, including lovely chalk thank you’s for our NHS:
A local fitness instructor found her job came to a standstill because of lockdown, so she’s used this time brilliantly to bring people in her street together to exercise. She set up a WhatsApp group and people who lived next door to one another for years but never spoke, are now coming together to keep fit (keeping with social distancing rules!) and get to know one another, how amazing!:
WhatsApp seems to have become a staple in some areas of Leeds, people have been setting up community group chats to check in on one another, share tips on home-schooling, make sure elderly and isolating neighbours are ok and have everything they need and advise each other about which local shops have plenty of stock on the shelves.
The spirit of community is well and truly alive across Leeds, bringing people together in whole new ways! Leeds Cares shared the story of 14 year-old Lucy, who not only raised money for the charity but also performed songs for her neighbours. What a great idea to support local causes and provide some light entertainment for your community! There have been lots of examples of people across Leeds doing similar mini street concerts for their neighbourhood:
Finally, everywhere you turn, people are putting up pictures of rainbows in their window in support of our brilliant NHS. Here’s a few of our favourites.
Please keep your posts coming by #togetherleeds and we’ll share some highlights in this weekly blog feature. Stay safe, take care!
Post written by Rebecca Mott,



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