Children Leeds

All services that work with and for children and young people in Leeds are brought together through Children Leeds.

The business of Children Leeds is managed by the Children and Families Trust Board, key partners and work streams of Children Leeds are described below:

Children and Families Trust Board

The Children and Families Trust Board is one of five city-wide strategic boards, operating as part of the Best City Leadership Network Leaders for Leeds that sets priorities and tackles big issues for the city.

The Children and Families Trust Board brings together: NHS Leeds, Leeds Youth Offending Service, West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Probation, Job Centre Plus, local schools, colleges and children’s centres, the Third Sector, and Leeds City Council services such as children and young people’s social care, housing, early years, and education and learning.

The Children and Families Trust Board has three sub groups that lead on specific areas of work:

  • Commissioning and Finance | Commissioning of services and provision, central budget development
  • Workforce Reform and Practice Development | Developing shared learning practices for all practitioners across Children Leeds
  • Leeds Education Challenge | Improvement in learning outcomes for children and young people

The performance of the Children and Families Trust Board, is checked by the Children and Families Scrutiny Board. The Scrutiny Board also reviews and scrutinises decisions made by the Director of Children’s Services and those taken by the Executive Board relating to Children’s Services.

The Children and Young People’s Plan

The Children and Young People’s Plan 2011-2015 describes the outcomes, priorities and actions designed to make a better experience for children and young people in Leeds. The plan was agreed by Children Leeds.

The plan aims to ensure that children and young people:

  • Are safe from harm
  • Do well at all levels of learning and have the skills for life
  • Choose healthy lifestyles
  • Have fun growing up
  • Are active citizens, who feel they have voice and influence

The plan highlights three ‘obsessions’:

  1. To help children to live in safe and supportive families
  2. To improve behaviour, attendance and achievement
  3. For young people to be in employment, education, or training

Children Leeds has a focus on the three obsessions, and aims to make significant improvements in these areas.

Leeds Safeguarding Children’s Board

The Children and Families Trust Board and the Children and Young People’s Plan are monitored by the Leeds Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB), which has a statutory responsibility for holding partner agencies to account.

Leeds Safeguarding Children Board brings together representatives from each of the main agencies responsible for promoting children’s welfare, and helping to protect children from abuse and neglect.

LSCB is responsible for developing, monitoring and reviewing child protection policies, procedures and practice within Leeds, and for providing inter-agency training for staff across the city who work with children and families. Support is also available to organisations to help develop safeguarding arrangements and what to do if you think a child or young person is at risk.

Schools Clusters

Leeds is divided into 25 clusters based around a particular locality. These are predominately groups of schools, both primary and secondary, and partners who have agreed priorities for their particular area which sit within the Children and Young People's Plan.

These clusters lead on making a difference and taking forward the outcomes and obsessions outlined in the Children and Young People’s Plan on a local level.