Dealing with problems

When things do not go according to plan you may have to deal with a wide range of employment related issues.

These might include disciplinary cases, timekeeping or attendance, capability or performance.

This section provides you with the information to guide you through the various processes and manage employment related issues effectively.

Discipline and Grievance Policies

To operate effectively and ensure fair and sensitive treatment of all staff, organisations need to set standards for performance and conduct and details of these should be included in your organisation’s rules and policies.

Discipline Policy

These rules should cover things like:

  • conduct
  • timekeeping
  • absence
  • health and safety
  • use of telephones, email and internet

Organisations also need to have a policy which sets out how employees can resolve problems at work through a formal grievance complaint process. Anybody working in an organisation may, at some time, have problems or concerns about their work, working conditions or relationships with colleagues that they wish to talk about with management. Issues that may cause grievances include:

  • terms and conditions of employment
  • health and safety
  • work relations
  • bullying and harassment
  • new working practices
  • working environment
  • organisational change
  • discrimination

Capability policy

Helping, encouraging and supporting employees to achieve the required standards is  part of every manager’s job. The organisation needs to ensure that standards of work performance are maintained. A capability policy successfully implemented provides a framework for dealing with issues of poor performance fairly and consistently and sets out the procedures to be followed if there is concern that an employee can no longer fulfill their job description.

Help with Dealing with Problems

A range of services provided by PERS (Pay & Employment Rights Service) are available to help your organisation with its discipline and grievance policies. Model policies are available to download from PERS, and one to one advice is available with an employment law or HR advisor. To find out more contact PERS.