Do you need volunteers?

Recruiting Volunteers

Can you advise us on how to set up volunteering opportunities for people who have criminal convictions?

Giving Time and it’s network are happy to support the development of opportunities for people with criminal convictions.  We can provide advice, guidance and training, toolkits and resources to enable you to confidently involve people with criminal convictions in your volunteer base.

Giving Time also supports a network of organisations who meet quarterly to share good practice and support one another with their inclusive volunteering.  If you would like to join our network then please contact us.

How do we know that we’re doing our recruitment properly?

Careful recruitment is the key to safely involving volunteers with criminal convictions.  You can apply for a kite mark or contact Andrina Dawson and she will be happy to advise.

What level of DBS should we do for our volunteer roles?

It is important to carefully choose the level of DBS that is required for the role.  If you are uncertain then you can contact NACRO and they will happily give you guidance.