Do you want to make a referral to Giving Time?

Referring to Giving Time

How does Giving Time work?

Giving Time and Youth Giving Time engages people in custody and in the community.  We support people to register and apply for volunteering and work to remove the barriers that they may experience.  Part of our support package includes preparing for disclosure and assessing the risk that may be posed by the conviction in relation to volunteering.  We have a strong network of organisations that support our work and provide volunteering opportunities to people with criminal convictions. 

How do I refer one of my clients?

If you would like to make a referral then you can download a registration form and support your client to complete it and then post or email it back to us. If your client is currently in custody, please utilise the Prison Registration Form. For people who have existing criminal convictions and who are not currently in custody, please use the Community Registration Form. If you are making a referral for a young person or a person who is looked after, please use our Youth Registration Form. All of these forms can be found at the bottom of this page. Our support workers can also arrange to meet your client within your organisation if this is more convenient.  Just give us a call.

Can you visit our organisation to talk to our clients?

Giving Time support workers will be happy to attend your organisation to deliver presentations, workshops or an informal chat about volunteering.

Do you offer any training for volunteers?

Youth Giving Time is able to deliver Introduction to Volunteering training to young people who are seen as at risk or coming into contact with the criminal justice system or who have criminal convictions.  Our training is delivered informally and can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and your young people.

Will you be able to support our client to attend the interview?

Giving Time can give a bus ticket to support your client to attend their volunteer interview.  We can also help your client to prepare for their interview.

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