Engaging Voices

The Engaging Voices project works to strengthen and enhance existing engagement activities and ensure that easily ignored groups within society are heard in engagements on a range of health issues.

About Engaging Voices

The approach uses the city’s best engagement assets - local voluntary and community groups - to engage with the local communities they serve. This approach delivers engagement work through third sector organisations to increase their reach and to open them up to individuals who would not normally participate.

Our partners

Our network of third sector partners takes a person-centred approach and build up strong relationships with the communities they work with. These skills help to ensure that the people who understand the needs of a diverse range of participants deliver engagements which allow participants with different needs to be supported and encouraged to take part by workers who know them. This is especially important if language, educational or cultural barriers exist that would stop an individual from participating in a mainstream consultation.

We currently have over seventy Engaging Voices partners.The third sector groups who facilitate engagements are compensated for the time they take to support the programme and enable involvement. Current payment rates are £5 per fully completed survey and £10 for a participant in a focus group (these payments are only made for quality assured returns).

This asset based engagement approach has demonstrated positive results, ensuring good quality returns, whilst supporting small, local community groups and organisations to reinvest money back into frontline service delivery.

Find out more

To find out more about Engaging Voices and how to get involved, please contact the Leeds Voices team via email LeedsVoices@val.org.uk call 0113 297 7920 or complete our online registration form here.



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