Equality and Diversity

Everyone is different.

Everyone is different and has something unique to offer and in order to make the most of everyone’s talents, skills and knowledge having an equality and diversity policy is a good start. The policy should demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to tackle discrimination and promote equality and diversity in areas such as recruitment, training, management and pay, and in some cases how your organisation deals with its customers, clients or service users.

A good policy will:

  • Explain how the organisation will understand, recognise, respect and value differences.
  • How it will manage differences so that everyone has equality of opportunity through a fair and consistent approach to the application of rules, policies and procedures.

And of course it will greatly influence how services are delivered.

Help with Rights Benefits and Essential Policies

A range of services provided by PERS (Pay & Employment Rights Service) are available to help your organisation with its Equality and Diversity Policies. Model policies incorporating the legal requirements of the Equality Act 2010  are available to download on the PERS website, and one to one advice is available with an employment law or HR advisor. To find out more contact PERS.