Partner Finder

The Partner Finder enables organisations to look for partners to collaborate with in responding to ESIF funding calls for Leeds City Region.

This Partner Finder has been set up to help organisations find partners to work with when responding to calls offering ESIF funding in Leeds City Region. It is intended primarily to support third sector organisations but is open to all sectors to use. It can help both:

  • those organisations (most likely to be relatively small, local and third sector) who want to deliver ESF activity on the ground and who need to find lead bidders to work with; and
  • potential lead bidders (larger and from any sector), who want to find delivery organisations to include as delivery partners in their bids.

The table below shows organisations that have already submitted their details. If you want to add your organisation, please click on Register your interest and complete the on-line form to upload your organisational details and potential interests in the LCR ESIF programme.

Organisations that have registered as lead bidders may have uploaded expression of interest forms or other documents; click on their names to view further information about them and any files they have uploaded.

The inclusion of material from an organisation on this page does not imply any endorsement from Engage with ESIF! or VAL for that organisation, or for any potential bid it may submit for ESIF funding.

To provide any feedback on this feature please e-mail

How the partner finder works

  • Find an organisation to partner with

    Identify organisations that share your organisation's geographic and thematic areas of work.

  • Register your interest

    Add your organisation to the list either as a lead bidder, delivery partner, or both and be found by similar organisations.

  • Send a message

    Get in touch with the organisations you identified to explore partnership options.