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Inclusive Recruitment – the how and why

Mindful Employer Leeds

We know that inclusive workplaces are essential for maximising creativity, innovation and productivity.

Making small changes to your recruitment processes can help ensure that you aren’t creating unnecessary barriers that stop applicants reaching their employment potential and stop you recruiting the best staff.
This interactive session will be an opportunity to share good practice in inclusive recruitment and discuss the many advantages of employing people with experience of poor mental health and mental health recovery. It will be led by colleagues from Leeds Mind’s WorkPlace Leeds employment service and feature an employer case study from Kathryn Hart, HR Director at award winning inclusive employer, Touchstone
WorkPlace Leeds has over 20 years experience in providing specialist mental health employment support and have been recognised by the Centre for Mental Health as a virtual Centre of Excellence.

This session is free and open to all members of Leeds Mindful Employer Network. It is particularly suited to HR, business leaders and managers.

Mindful Employer Leeds

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