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Next Safeguarding Voices Patient Reference Group – 5 November

Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

The Patient Reference Group supports the Trust in making decisions about Trust business and helps shape major changes to how services work. The group is mainly attended by patients, carers and members of the public. However, sometimes this  includes Trust staff and outside organisations. This is one of those occasions.

What will the session cover?

This session will include:
1. Our new Safeguarding Strategy. Karen Sykes – Head Of Safeguarding
2. Safeguarding Voices Project. Charlotte Boyes – Lead Professional- Adult Safeguarding
3. Safeguarding Voices– Creating an Always Event – Scott Cunningham Senior PCPI Officer

To understand more about Always Events please go to:


PDF Leaflet – PRG Safeguarding Voices 5th November 21F

How to Sign up

Want to book a place?
The session will be held using MS-teams. We always try to make the sessions as interactive as possible. To book a place please contact:

1. 0113 206 7077

If you could head any emails PRG that would be a great help. Please let the team know if you have any access needs. Please try to do this at least two weeks before the meeting date.

Once you have a place booked you will be sent a link to the meeting around a week before the session.

Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

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    10:15 am - 12:00 pm
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