Spiritual Healing - Healer Foundation Course

This course provides healer development enabling students to reach a standard of being competent to do self-healing & healing for friends & family

When Saturday 25 April
Where Education Cabin
Education Cabin Hollicarrs Holiday Park Three Hagges Woodmeadow York Road Escrick York YO19 6EE

Healer Foundation Course

Provides healer development to a standard of being competent to do self-healing and healing for friends & family. A follow on Qualification Course is also available which enhances the Foundation Course to help students reach the standard required to achieve competence in providing healing unsupervised to the general public (in accordance with UK Healers and The Confederation of Healing Organisations standards).

Course notes and a Certificate of Attendance are included.
Total of approximately 48.5 hours of study comprising four separate, practical, taught days (30 hours)
Day One
  • Who am I?
  • What is Spiritual Healing?
  • Importance of Self-care.
  • Techniques to raise Energetic Vibrations for Self-care and Practice.
Day Two
  • The Human Energy Field
  • Meditation
  • Energy Protection and Grounding and Practice
  • Source Attunement and Practice
  • Self Healing and Practice
Day Three
  • Why Do People become Ill?
  • Stress and its influence on Health
  • How our Thoughts Influence our Health
  • Source Attunement Healing and Practice
  • Distant Healing and Practice
Day Four
  • Responsibilities of a Healer
  • The Healing Act
  • Practice of Source Attunement Healing

The Omnes Healing two-level Healer Development Course has been specifically developed for healers by healers, to provide incremental, experiential learning and specialist, spiritual tools and knowledge to enable students to qualify as effective and spiritually developed healers.

The Omnes Healing Development Courses incorporate

  •  The teaching of Source Attunement Healing
  •  An emphasis on experiential learning
  •  Theoretical topics covered by a small amount of home-study, to maximise face to-face experiential time
  •  Working on the self to raise the healer’s energetic vibrations – to improve effectiveness as a healer
  • Reflective practice – through spiritual development journaling and discussion.  
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