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Voice and Influence

The Third Sector in Leeds works hard to ensure it has a strong voice and is in a position to influence decisions affecting it.

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Third sector organisations, and the people they work with, are directly affected by government policies. So it's really important that the views of the Third Sector are reflected in decision making. 

In Leeds there is a variety of support networks, forums and alliances that work to represent people and organisations who are Doing Good in Leeds. Explore the themes in this section to find out more.

Third Sector Leeds

At the heart of the Third Sector's voice and influence work in Leeds is Third Sector Leeds.

Third Sector Leeds (TSL) engages with Leeds City Council, the NHS and other public and statutory sector partners to advocate on behalf of third sector organisations like yours.

Children and Young people

Do you work in the third sector with children, young people or families?

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There are a range of partnerships and initiatives that strive to improve the lives of children, young people and families in Leeds, by giving organisations the voice, information and advice they need to build better services.



Leeds is a large and diverse city which has many different communities.

The Third Sector is often best placed to reach into these communities and many organisations work with specific communities in Leeds. As Leeds is one of the most diverse cities in Britain it is difficult for all communities to be repesented. 

Economy and Culture

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Health and Social Care

Are you part of one of the many Third Sector organisations working in Health and Social Care in Leeds?


The Third Sector makes a major contribution to the health and social care agenda in Leeds.  

A wide range of services are delivered by third sector organisations, from supporting older people to live at home and helping out carers, to providing specialist support to people with learning disabilities and delivering activities for people that improve their health and well-being.

There is a variety of initiatives, networks and forums which exist to support third sector organisations. Engaging with these support networks, which cover cross-cutting themes, can help you to influence health and social care outcomes in Leeds.