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Walsh Taylor

About Walsh Taylor

Walsh Taylor are a support organisation who work with social enterprises, charities, individuals and businesses. They work with organisations who are merging or changing their structure, and support those with financial pressures assisting them in finding workable solutions.


Walsh Taylor provide an initial consultation free of charge to all organisations. The consultation provides an opportunity for both sides to understand the current issues and discuss the potential routes and solutions for the organisation.

It also provides the following services free of charge to Third Sector organisations:

  • Organisation Health Check – a review of the organisation, identifying areas that require strengthening or that could pose a potential risk to the organisation
  • Board presentation – speaking to the board on their potential liabilities and on types of behaviour that could put them at risk
  • Telephone helpline – a confidential service offering advice to organisations and their board members.

Other services include:

  • Assisting with mergers and restructuring of organisations
  • Arranging payment plans with creditors
  • Dissolution or liquidation of an organisation


Walsh Taylor’s experienced team have worked with a wide range of organisations, helping them restructure, reduce risk and strengthen their organisation or close operations down in a planned and controlled manner preserving the services and the reputation of the organisation and staff.

The team include individuals with strong experience in the Third Sector and we also have a pool of individuals with specific experience such as contracting/commissioning and housing that we work with when required.

Delivery location

Yorkshire and the North East

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