Fundraising and generating income are vital to the long-term success of groups and organisations.

Twenty pounds notes

This section highlights resources that will help you decide which fundraising methods are best suited to you. It is important that funders are confident that you have the right structures and management systems, so remember "failing to plan is planning to fail" The best thing you can do prepared!

Fundraising for New Groups

Before you can start to raise any fundraising you need to be prepared. For example can you answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • Is your group or organisation formally set up?
  • Does it have constitution and a committee with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer?
  • Does it have a name?
  • Are you clear about what you intend to achieve?
  • Does it have a Bank Account?

Raising Funds

There is a variety of ways to approach raising funds. For example:

  • Deciding if you have the necessary requirements to persuade a funder to provide you with money
  • Places you can go to get help with sourcing and applying for funding
  • Ways to raise funds other than writing funding applications – which are much more fun!
  • Saving money which means you have more to spend.

Help with fundraising

You can contact the VAL Funding Advice Worker on 0113 297 7920 or via