The Good Governance Code

Good Governance: A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector is a guide written by voluntary organisations for voluntary organisations.

good governance code

There are three versions of the Code:

  1. Full Code
  2. Summary Code
  3. Code for Small Organisations

The Code concentrates the six key principles that trustees should follow and provides practical guidance on how to put the principles into practice. Basically, the Code helps organisations to assess whether they are following good practice. Underlying each principle is the additional principle of equality.

The six principles of the Good Governance Code are:

  1. Understanding the board’s role
  2. Doing what the organisation was set up to do
  3. Working effectively
  4. Exercising control
  5. Behaving with integrity
  6. Openness and accountability

Helpful resources

The Code can be downloaded from the Good Governance Code website

Additional information is available from the websites: