How Third Sector Leeds works

Third Sector Leeds is a formal network of organisations with an interest in sustaining and developing a thriving third sector in Leeds.

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The documents outlined below explain what we’re trying to achieve, what our rules are and who decides what direction we take. These are available to download at the bottom of this page, along with  the minutes of our recent meetings — all of which we publish.

Files for this page

TSL Workplan

(PDF, 1.8 MB)

The workplan explains what TSL aims are, what it does to achieve these aims and its current priorities.

TSL Terms of Reference

(PDF, 136.7 KB)

TSL’s Terms of Reference are its rules. It outlines what TSL exists to achieve, what it does to achieve its aims, the behaviour’s expected of Leadership Group members, how the Leadership Group directs TSL’s work and how people become members of Leadership Group.

The Leadership Group Membership

(DOC, 204.5 KB)

The Leadership Group Membership list gives the names and contact details for each Leadership Group member and which part of the Third Sector they represent.

Voice and Influence Networks in Leeds

(DOCX, 52.8 KB)

Across Leeds there are a number of networks that focus on different areas of third sector interest (e.g. young people or mental health). Some of these networks manage themselves, whilst others receive secretariat support from organisations whose role includes a focus on promoting a diverse third sector (sometimes called Infrastructure organisations). This document shows which networks are currently active and which (if any) organisation supports them.


(PDF, 231.3 KB)

Minutes - 06 March 2019 We publish minutes for the previous year of TSL Leadership Group meetings. Other minutes are available on request.


(DOCX, 49.8 KB)

Minutes - 7 May 2019