How does TSL work?

Third Sector Leeds (TSL) is an alliance that represents the Third Sector in Leeds - it is not an organisation that holds funds or employs staff in its own right.

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The work of TSL is directed by the TSL Leadership Group, supported by TSL officers, representatives, working groups and input from staff at Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL).

TSL Leadership Group

The TSL Leadership Group directs the work of TSL. The group is made up of representatives from networks and forums and other third sector organisations. The representatives have an understanding of the key strategic issues affecting Leeds.

The Leadership Group meets six times a year and representatives attend meetings of the strategic boards in Leeds (Children's Trust Board, Health and Well-being Board, Communities Partnership, Sustainable Economy and Culture Board; and Housing and Regeneration Board).

Third Sector Leeds Leadership Group members include the following third sector networks and forums:

Full details of the current TSL Leadership Group membership can be found in the downloadable document at the foot of the page.

TSL Officers

The TSL Officers make decisions between Leadership Group meetings and set the agendas for the meetings. They are elected by the TSL Leadership Group.

The current TSL Chair is Chris Hollins.

Working Groups

TSL working groups are created as needed to take on specific areas of work, (e.g. welfare reform, commissioning). The working groups are made up of Leadership Group members along with others from the sector with an interest or expertise in the topics.

Financial Support

TSL is supported through significant in-kind contribution from the Third Sector, for example, staff time to attend meetings and undertake work on behalf of TSL, and free use of venues wherever possible. Leeds City Council, Leeds NHS and other statutory organisations also provide their expertise to TSL.

TSL’s work is supported financially by Leeds City Council through its core grant to VAL, part of which pays for staff time at VAL that supports the delivery of TSL.

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