Centre Manager

Closing date 6 January 2020
Organisation Chapel FM Arts Centre
Location Seacroft, Leeds
Hours Full time
28 - 35
Salary £19,000 - £25,500
Telephone 0113 225 5944
Email info@chapelfm.co.uk
Website chapefm.co.uk
Chapel FM Arts Centre is looking to appoint a new Centre Manager to work closely with the rest of our staff to develop and oversee implementation of many aspects of the venue.  

Key Results Areas
  • Develop and oversee all systems that ensure the building operates safely and effectively.
  • Ensure the smooth operation of the programme of activities agreed with the Chapel FM team.
  • Oversee an effective publicity and marketing strategy for the Centre.
  • Work with the Participation Manager and the Director, Chapel FM Arts Centre in order to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Centre. 
Main Tasks
  • Be responsible for developing effective systems for the operation of the building and training the various staff and volunteers to be able to effectively and safely use the Centre.
  • Maintain the building as well assist in the provision of the equipment resource within the Centre.
  • Have specific responsibilities for health and safety and security for the building.
  • Facilitate the effective delivery of the programme of performances, broadcasts and training at Chapel FM, ensuring the attendance of the correct staff and volunteers as appropriate, the presence of appropriate equipment, relevant information for participants and audience, and operation of booking systems, policies etc.
  • Oversee the delivery of all aspects of marketing and publicity for the Centre.
  • Be a key point of contact for all people interested in being involved in Chapel FM and to maintain and enhance practical partnerships and contractual agreements with local organisations, artists and performers.
  • Encourage a range of people to volunteer with Chapel FM and to oversee their involvement and development.
Ta apply follow this link: https://www.chapelfm.co.uk/news/2019/11/centremanager/
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