Adults’ Counsellor (Trauma Focussed)

Closing date 2 February 2020
Organisation Barca-Leeds
Location Leeds
Hours Part time
Salary £30,000
Telephone 01132559582

Barca has identified there are a number of people with multiple health issues repeatedly seen in GP and other health & wellbeing services who have a common theme of childhood trauma.

This causes people challenges with their housing, relationships, finances and physical health which have created problems in managing their mental health positively.

The Armley Primary Care Network (PCN) has commissioned Barca to provide one to one counselling by a qualified counsellor for adults who have been affected by adverse childhood experiences - an identified set of ten ongoing traumas that set up a child to have health and social difficulties as an adult.  

Our ambition is to work closely with other services to help remove these barriers to engagement with therapeutic services so that our clients can gain the maximum benefit from our service.

Referrals will be via the PCN mental health specialists or the PCN social prescriber to ensure that other barriers in their life are addressed to maximise the benefits of the counselling service. The counselling will be a goal orientated approach, provided for up to 24 weeks and would provide a personalised exit plan on completion.

The service would not seek to resolve the childhood adverse experiences, but support clients to find coping mechanisms to move forward with their lives and reduce the ways in which they are affected in their day to day life.

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