Relief Worker

Closing date 6 December 2020
Organisation Hejira Housing
Location Leeds 11
Hours Part time
As required
Salary £10 per hour
Telephone 07715561981
Website n/a

Hejira Housing Relief Worker Job Description Summary
Purpose of the job
To provide comprehensive cover for the Project whilst the regular staff are on leave.
To provide a property management service, as required.
To provide basic support to tenants, as required.

Property Management
To carry out basic weekly fire tests.
To facilitate pre-planned housing repairs – e.g. enable access to contractors.
To respond to any urgent requests for repairs, including liaison with contractors.
To record and pass on requests for none urgent repairs to regular staff - on their return.
Housing Support
To respond to any urgent requests for support.
To record details of any significant support provided to tenants onto the google drive.
To carry a phone by which all current residents and contractors can contact the worker during office hours (9-5 Monday to Friday).


For more information about the role please email John Hebden on

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