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Third Sector Partnership (the body that brings together Third Sector representatives with senior leaders from the Council, NHS and Universities) has developed and adopted a number of strategy documents for the city.

In different ways each of these documents seeks to set out a course that partners can follow to develop the third sector and achieve the best results for communities.

View and download key policy and strategy documents

Social Value Charter (PDF, 58 KB)

The Social Value Charter sets out ways that all organisations in Leeds to make changes in the way they work to make Leeds a fairer, more equal place. It aims to get everyone to sign up to distributing the money (and other resources) made in Leeds more evenly through the population and to keeping as much money as possible in the local economy.


The Compact for Leeds (PDF, 6 MB)

The Compact for Leeds is an agreement between public sector and third sector partners that describes the way organisations in Leeds aspire to behave towards and support each other. As more organisations work to these principles the relationship between organisations are strengthened.


Leeds Commissioning Code of Practice (PDF, 135 KB)

One of the Compact’s principles deals in broad terms with how more resources can be brought into the sector. The Commissioning Code of Practice looks in more detail at how commissioning should happen in Leeds.


Leeds Code of Practice for Working Together (PDF, 68 KB)

The Code of Practice for Working Together offers some ideas about practical actions that partners can take to work together more effectively.


Third Sector Ambition Statement (PDF, 56 KB)

The Third Sector Ambition Statement draws a picture of the third sector that Leeds needs and sets out the practical steps that are needed to achieve and sustain the third sector that communities want. The Ambition Statement is used by Third Sector Partnership to track how effective it is being at making Leeds a great place for the third sector.


Characteristics of a Thriving Community (PDF, 3 MB)

The Characteristics of a Thriving Community are a set of indicators that organisations can adopt to know whether the neighbourhoods they work in are thriving places where people have a sense of wellbeing and are connected and involved.

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