Learning Disabilities

Most people with a learning disability do not have the same control over their lives as the rest of society and face challenges and prejudice every day. As a result it is vital for people with learning disability to receive good support.

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If your organisation works to support people with learning disabilities in Leeds you can you can influence decision makers, network and keep up to date with issues affecting people with learning disabilities through Tenfold.

About Tenfold 

Tenfold logoTenfold is the learning disability forum for Leeds supporting third sector organisations who work with and for people who have learning disabilities, in Leeds.

Almost 100 organisations are members of Tenfold, they are supported through:


Supporting member organisations to have a strong strategic voice and striving to ensure that the views of learning disabled people are fully represented in Leeds.


Sharing information about services and opportunities relevant to the sector. 
Promoting and sharing members’ news and events and keeping people up to date through events.

Driving Change

Seeking to remove barriers which prevent people with learning disabilities having real choice and control in their lives.

Get involved

To find out more please visit the Forum Central website.

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