LeedsACTS! is a partnership between the city's three universities and third sector organisations.

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LeedsACTS! (Academic Collaboration with the Third Sector) is a unique partnership between Voluntary Action Leeds and the three Universities in Leeds: Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Trinity University and the University of Leeds. It builds relationships between researchers, charities, voluntary and community organisations to foster joint working for the benefit of the communities of Leeds. LeedsACTS! applies a thematic approach to the delivering of activity aimed at addressing key issues in Leeds. The current theme action plans and working groups are:

  • The Leeds £
  • Housing
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Sustainable Food
  • Education, Skills and Access


What does LeedsACTS! do?

  • Provides a point of contact to share ideas and opportunities for joint TS-HE working
  • Runs ad-hoc events (either solely or with others) that bring TS & HE together
  • Funds small seedcorn projects that kick-start TS-HE collaborations
  • Connects collaborators to further areas of support


For more information about LeedsACTS! and any upcoming events or activity, please contact Sonja.woodcock@val.org.uk


Previous Events

Be FoodWise Leeds (with Leeds Food Partnership) at Northern Monk Refectory on 22 November 2018

Delivering Differently Together at Hillside Centre on 30 March 2017

New Approach to Housing at Ark on 23 November 2016

Doing Things Differently at the Banqueting Suite, Civic Hall on 3 October 2016

Demystifying Data at Leeds ODI on 7 June 2016

Third Sector Infomatics (TSIP) Open Meeting at Weetwood Hall on 15 July 2015

The Community Vote: Seedcorn Funding at Hillside Centre on 9 June 2015

Infomatics Report Launch (TSIP) at Munro House on 10 December 2014

Food Now and in the Future at Hillside Centre on 15 November 2014

Seedcorn Funding

Seedcorn Funding stream that helps to stimulate new collaborative initiatives.
  • A third round of seedcorn funding was distributed to 4 new collaborative partnerships in 2018. Vignettes of these projects to follow shortly (see downloads section below)

  • LeedsACTS! hosted "The Community Vote" in June 2015 which supported new collaborative projects. You can read about these seedcorn projects and how these helped drive the potential for future collaborations.

  • Please follow this link to see a video about a 2014 Seedcorn funding collaboration between Canal Connections and Leeds Beckett University https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbcZlVG-a_E

The Third Sector Informatics Project (TSIP)

The Third Sector Informatics Project (TSIP) has been a key strand of the  LeedsACTS! partnership activity.
By utilising academic strengths and expertise, the project aims to develop and support more effective use of infomartics and data by the Third Sector. See here for more information.

University Contacts

Are you looking for a research partner, student volunteers, placement students or some other form of introduction to the universities?

The University Contacts page provides further information and points of contact for each of the universities.



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