Introducing... Better Leeds Communities

Better Leeds Communities is the new name for the organisation running the Burley Lodge Centre in Leeds.

Burley Lodge Centre reached its 30th birthday in 2013. On reaching this milestone the organisation reflected on who they are and what their stakeholders understood about their work.

A disjoint between their mission: "to create opportunities that enable people in Leeds to achieve their potential by raising aspirations, removing barriers and developing abilities that lead to a better life", and what the name of the organisation suggested - a centre for the people of Burley - was identified.  

In conclusion they felt that the name Burley Lodge Centre did not reflect the identity of the organisation and the new name Better Leeds Communities (BLC) has now been adopted by the organisation.   

Burley Lodge Centre

Many of you will be familiar with the fact that the Burley Lodge Centre is a vibrant, modern community space in Burley that accommodates the BLC staff team and is a popular venue to deliver a variety of services, training, activities and events.

The name of the building is not changing - it is still called the Burley Lodge Centre. Better Leeds Communities is the new name for organisation running the centre.

Better Leeds Communities

Many people were under the impression that the serivces provided by Burley Lodge Centre were exclusively for people who live in the Burley neighbourhood. This is not the case.

In fact, 80 per cent of the people who used services at the Burley Lodge Centre in the last year were not from the local area. It is hoped that for them and others who will access Better Leeds Communities services in the future the new name will help them understand and relate better to the organisation.

Better Leeds Communities (BLC) will continue to work closely with the communities in Burley, Hyde Park and across West North West Leeds; and also on other distinct areas of service delivery: advice; volunteering; and children, young people and families services.

For more information about the work of Better Leeds Communities visit: