Extension announced for West Yorkshire crime funding

Mark Burns-Williamson, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for West Yorkshire, has announced his intention to extend the current level of funding to partners for a further six months.

Currently £5.2m has been awarded to partners for 2013/14, including the five community safety partnerships, drugs intervention programmes and youth offending teams in each local authority area, the voluntary sector through Safer Future Communities and the four West Yorkshire Positive Futures programmes for young people in Bradford, Calderdale, Keighley and Leeds. The PCC's announcement therefore equates to roughly £2.6m of funding and provides some additional stability for current services while new commissioning arrangements are developed. New services will be commissioned next summer to run from October 2014.

In announcing the extension the PCC said: "Commissioning is a new responsibility for police and crime commissioners and this brings with it an opportunity to transform, innovate and improve services to meet my aim of ensuring that communities in West Yorkshire are safer and feel safer.  The involvement of the regional procurement police team will be involved throughout to help develop the process. "It is important to fully understand what communities need and how partners can best work together to deliver services to achieve these outcomes. An extra six months will enable me to continue working closely with partners to review the progress to date in meeting the community outcomes and put the processes in place for commissioning a range of services." 

The PCC said he was particularly pleased to be able to continue the funding for partners at the same level as 2013/14, following 60% cuts by Government for funding Community Safety Partners between 2010 and 2013, and this new timetable will coincide with his responsibility for commissioning victims support services from October 2014.

The Voluntary Sector Advisory Group, supported by Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL), will continue to engage with the PCC on the development of his commissioning arrangements, and further details about PCC commissioning will soon be added to the Commissioning and Contracting section of the Doing Good Leeds website.