Up Our Street wants your vote

Great news! Better Leeds Communities is through to the final of the People’s Millions and you can vote on 27 November to help them win.

The People's Millions

Better Leeds Communities children's play project 'Up Our Street' is through to the final of ITV People's Millions. You can help them hop, skip and jump into a better world for children by voting up to 10 times for Up Our Street. 

The campaign will be shown on ITV North Yorkshire on Wednesday 27 November 2013. Voting lines will be open on the day between 9am and midnight and the telephone number will be published on www.peoplesmillions.org.uk. Make your vote count: vote for Up Our Street and help hundreds of children and their families reclaim their communities for play.

About Up Our Street

Up Our Street is a project which will help children and their families to play safely together in their community.

Playing out helps children stay healthy, make friends and live happier lives. However, for some children living in places with no parks or gardens it is hard to play outside. Research shows that fewer than a quarter of children in the UK play outside regularly.

Up Our Street wants to change this for the children of Leeds and help them to enjoy the freedoms of previous generations. The project will do this by running free play projects across Leeds, supporting families and children to learn how to play outside safely and think creatively about outdoor play, leaving communities with the inspiration to make play a part of childhood once again. 

Helen Simpson, Play Co-ordinator at Better Leeds Communities, is an advocate of for the importance of play:

"Children themselves haven't changed over the years, if you give them the opportunities to make dens, stir mud pies or climb trees they jump at it. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing a child learn his or her own limits from something as simple as edging along a branch tentatively, testing its strength with a cautious foot and eventually finding the best place to hang from a branch and jump down. You know that having not been told, but by actually doing it for themselves they have learnt a skill they will never lose and in doing so, experienced the freedom of playing in a natural playground. Let children play by giving them something to do, not something to don't"