New report for DPULOs and commissioners

A new report is available resulting from a research project carried out in the Yorkshire & Humber region focusing on Disabled People's User Led Organisations (DPULOs).

The main focus of this research project was looking into developing a regional DPULO network to bring DPULOs in the area together, as well as looking into the involvement of DPULOs in the commissioning process and how this can be improved. This report now aims to summarise the project, setting out the fundamental findings and some key recommendations to build on. It is hoped this report can act as a best practice guideline for both DPULOs and commissioners. A pdf copy of the report, entitled "The Emerging Role of Disabled People's User Led Organisations in Commissioning: An Evaluation Report", is available to download below.

In addition, an accompanying guide, "Overcoming Barriers in Commissioning: A guide for Disabled People's User Led Organisations and Commissioners", has been published to complement the report. The guide bring together the key recommendations from the report to act as a checklist for both DPULOs and commissioners in terms of what can be done to make the commissioning process more inclusive. A pdf copy of this guide is also available to download below.

Hard copies of both publications are available on request. For more information please contact VT Services, who produced both publications on behalf of Inclusion Now!


Evaluation Report

(PDF, 1.3 MB)

The Emerging Role of Disabled People's user Led Organisations in Commissioning.

Overcoming Barriers in Commissioning

(PDF, 1.8 MB)

A guide for DUPLOs and Commissioners


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