Third Sector Leeds is changing

The Third Sector Leeds (TSL) Open Forum on 21 January 2014 gave its approval to some wide ranging changes for TSL.

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The main changes planned are:

  • An inclusive Third Sector Assembly will be established, open to third sector organisations and groups of organisations such as networks, forums and consortia.
  • Third sector organisations and forums will need to make a positive decision to opt in to the new Assembly arrangements, and in doing so will be asked to sign up to the values and ambitions of Third Sector Leeds, as well as accepting a shared responsibility to make it work.
  • There will be a new Leadership Group, fully accountable to the new Assembly, reflecting the wide range of activities undertaken by the sector, and for the first time including people from the newly emerging area based networks.
  • Forming new role descriptions and expectations of members of the Leadership Group, setting out these positions much more clearly than before.
  • An independent chair will be appointed from outside the Leadership Group, to act as an honest broker between the various networks, forums and interest groups within the sector.
  • The independent chair will act as the Vice Chair of the influential Third Sector Partnership, the focal point for the collaboration with other sectors that is necessary to maintain and develop a thriving local third sector.
  • Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) will be guided in its work by the strategy and priorities coming from the Assembly, ensuring greater accountability.

Ann Pemberton, TSL Interim Chair, said:

I would like to express my thanks to everybody who has worked so hard to develop the proposals agreed at the Open Forum, and to all those who attended and contributed their views. Some very important points were raised, and they will be given full consideration as we move forward.”

See Third Sector Leeds - The next steps for more information and to download an event summary.


The next TSL Open Forum event will be on Friday 2 May (please save the date). In the meantime an Interim Leadership Group will meet two times, in February and early April, to ensure that the TSL work programme is carried forward.