Community Gardening sessions in Woodhouse

Come and join us at Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden. Practical edible landscaping gardening sessions open to all - Fridays 1-5pm and monthly on Saturdays 11-5pm.

Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden

A half acre open access garden open to anyone, located on public land in Woodhouse. It is a demonstration of a forest garden, which is an innovative method, a completely different way of gardening. The garden is now in its fifth year, so there are fruit trees fruiting and there's lots to see.  Bedford Fields is a grassroots volunteer-led community project, just run by local people who want to improve what was, until four years ago, unused council land.

Forest gardening

Forest gardening uses an understanding of ecology, in an attempt to achieve the 'holy grail' of a low maintenance (in the long-term) and productive garden (with a wide range of produce), that also provides an exceptionally biodiverse environment.

So although the focus of the garden design is for functionality rather than beauty, all the same, because forest gardens are very rich environments with a wide variety of common and unusual edible, medicinal and useful plants, and full of wildlife, the end result is that they end up being really beautiful spaces that really can inspire and lift your spirits too. It's difficult to fully explain it simply but this is what makes it so interesting! 

Find out more

If you're interested, email us or look us up on Facebook, and come along, get involved and find out more. Email Joanna, Ben or Russ at To find us on Facebook, we are 'Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden'.