What does Budget 2014 mean for Health and Wellbeing?

Rob Newton, Health and Wellbeing Policy Officer (Leeds Metropolitan University/Leeds City Council), has produced a briefing on the implications of Budget 2014 for the Health and Wellbeing agenda.

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The Budget provides an update on the state of the country’s public finances, announcements on financial policy over the coming years and some insight into the future direction of government financial policy.

For financial policy, the overall message is that budget cuts will continue and any new spending will be paid for from making savings. The Chancellor said in his speech: “Faster growth alone will not balance the books. There will need to be hard decisions, more cuts".

The Chancellor announced that the government will run a budget surplus in 2018-19 and will make the additional departmental spending reduction of £1bn in 15-16 permanent.

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There are some specific announcements included in the Budget. Those related to the Health and Wellbeing agenda are listed in the full briefing below. Also, read Rob's blog for further comment on this subject.

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