Poem to celebrate volunteering

An untitled poem from Sukbir Kaur celebrating volunteering.

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This powerful poem by Sukbir Kaur closed the Lord Mayor's thank you event for volunteers on 27 May:

Time is precious and precious is life,

We can always help provide by giving our time,
To have a chat with someone, something just as simple to make them smile,
Don’t you think that’s worthwhile?
Looking at life, the 9 to 5 doesn’t quite give me the satisfaction I like,
So I seek fulfilment by helping others move forward in life,
Some say it’s going the extra mile but I say it’s just giving a helping hand when I can,
Because there’s no reason why I can’t,
Knowing I’m going to make a difference, no matter how big or small gives me something to look forward to, especially when I see beneficiaries go from strength to strength,
My passion for being a part of something amazing motivates me to expand my horizons length by length,
I bounce off other people’s energy,
If it weren’t for volunteers making a difference in the community where would we be?
Maybe there wouldn’t be a community,
No unity, no place for the vulnerable and destitute to pass their time,
nowhere for them to go because the services volunteers provide are a lifeline,
Volunteering is like an art...
The painter and the viewer both benefit,
It’s a skills sharing thing, teaching English, running kids’ activities, helping the elderly participate in bingo or organising a community event,
You feel proud that you gave the hand you lent,
Because positivity breeds positivity,
It inspires others to follow suit and do what you do,
A problem shared is a problem halved,
Together we can achieve great things,
Volunteering leads to fulfilment your day job or studies can’t bring,
Someone might wake up one morning full of worries feeling like they have no purpose in life,
But that one or two days a week where they can get out of the house and go somewhere and see friendly faces, helps them be socially able and participate in society and feel part of a community,
Because there’s nothing worse than feeling lonely,
If only,
Everyone gave an hour a week of their time, anything is possible, because not only are you helping people, you are helping them help themselves,
You all know the saying “give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, give him a fishing rod he’ll never go hungry again”
Life is a journey and sharing your skills and time creates invaluable memories,
Not only do you grow but the beneficiaries you work with grow and you get to see first-hand the positive impact you’ve had.

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