Profiling the Third Sector in Leeds

VAL, working with Leeds Community Foundation, has started work on producing a first State of the Sector report for Leeds.

Through the Third Sector Partnership and the Third Sector Leeds Assembly, VAL has been working for some months with Leeds Community Foundation, Leeds City Council and other partners, to develop and promote a Third Sector Ambition Statement for Leeds; following consultation this was accepted by the Third Sector Partnership in March. Work since then has been focused on agreeing an Action Plan; this too should shortly be finalised.

State of the Sector report

A key objective in this Action Plan is to produce and disseminate a profile of the sector that demonstrates the contribution it makes to the city and its key priorities, and at the same time assesses the health of the sector; this will be the State of the Sector report, and it is intended that this will become an annual report.  


The work to produce the report is being carried out by Taiwo Ogunyinka, a student from the University of Leeds who is undertaking a summer internship with VAL. Taiwo will be using a number of sources of information for the report, including a survey which will be sent out next week; all organisations that receive the survey are asked to please ensure that they respond, and thereby help make this important piece of work as robust as possible.

Taiwo will be blogging about the progress of the project and his experiences at VAL on Doing Good Leeds, so look out for his first blog soon.