Supporting the Sector Review report published

The report of the Review of VAL's Supporting the Sector services is now available.

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Introduction to the Review

VAL's Supporting the Sector team recently instructed an evaluation of the services and support it provides to networks and forums. The purpose of the Review was to establish if more coherent working arrangements can be developed following the recent organisational reconfiguration of VAL. 

The review has amalgamated both quantitative and qualitative data, including opinions and perspectives. This has provided clear information for VAL of the areas where objectives are currently accomplished and where there is an opportunity to develop further.

The report

A pdf of the final report of the Review is available to download below. The key findings are as follows:

  • Publications: Communication is a high priority. To enable coherent and effective working partnerships, it is essential for members of each network/forum to be effectively engaged. New relations will consequently develop.
  • Service Delivery: Members' affiliation to the networks/forums has had a positive impact on organisations. This is due to the ongoing support, service and specialist advice delivered by the Supporting the Sector team.
  • Membership: Collaboration within the networks/forums exists to a degree. To further joint working, a shared membership scheme by way of a subscription fee needs to be developed.

Thank you for contributing...

Thank you to those members of the networks and forums who took the time to complete the survey; without your feedback and opinions, the review would not have been achievable.

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