Ex Offender prevents escapes!

Prison Officers hold the key to rehabilitation through their charity Tempusnovo. Direct links with employers means paid work and less crime.

John's story

Ex Offender John is extremely excited as he looks to his new life of hard work and paying taxes. New charity Tempusnovo has secured him a job with Northern Gas Networks, and this is his chance to start a new life away from crime, making our streets safer, reducing the number of victims and reducing the burden on the taxpaying public.

John rang Val (Tempusnovo Operations Manager) the minute he found out he had been given the position, such was his enthusiasm and joy to share the great news. He said "Thanks to Val and Steve of Tempusnovo for giving me a life changing opportunity and I will not let you and my family down".

About Tempusnovo

Tempusnovo are all about second chances and supporting the government's "Transforming Rehabilitation Agenda" and have a growing network of corporate supporters who, we are pleased to say, are benefiting from some incredibly hard working and loyal (ex offender) employees. As is often said "The bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards!"

For more information about Tempusnovo (Charity number 1157079), ring  07868 569509 or email steve@tempusnovo.org

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