Leeds ACTS! latest update

The main points of the 18 September meeting of the Leeds ACTS! steering group.

Leeds ACTS!

Leeds ACTS! (Academic Collaboration with the Third Sector) is an exciting partnership programme which aims to drive collaboration between the third sector and higher education institutions in Leeds.

Leeds ACTS! is overseen by a steering group and these are the main points of its most recent meeting on 18 September:


The need to improve communication was recognised. There is now increased capacity with support from Sonja Woodcock of VAL who will work with the VAL Communications team to update the Leeds ACTS! page on the Doing Good Leeds website.

Food event

This event was postponed for a few weeks due to a date clash and will be rescheduled for November.  

Data event

This will take place on the afternoon of 6 October at the St George‚Äôs Centre (following the Fulfilling Lives event in the morning) and aims to share learning and discuss relevant knowledge transfer issues.  

Informatics report

This report was discussed, which looked at six third sector organisation case studies.

Evaluation of Leeds ACTS!

This piece of work is being put out to three possible researchers approved by the steering group with a view to work beginning before Christmas.

Seedcorn funding

Initial projects are underway and being filmed for use on Doing Good Leeds. Money for the next round is secured and will be launched soon.


The next steering group meeting will be held on 21 November and the main points will be available via the Leeds ACTS! pages shortly after.