Charity Commission Chairman speech at VAL AGM

The Chairman of the Charity Commission, William Shawcross, was the guest speaker at VAL's AGM on 25 September, and the full text of his speech is now available.

Mr Shawcross spoke on the importance of the relationship between the Charity Commission and local charities, not least in connection with maintaining public trust in charities. On why charities continue to play such a vital role in society, Mr Shawcross commented:

But there is one factor in particular that I and many others believe lies at the heart of charities' continued success. And that is the trust and confidence the public continues to place in charities....

On the role of the Commission:

But public trust in charities cannot be taken for granted. And that is where the Charity Commission comes in. One of our most important statutory objectives is to increase public trust and confidence in charities. We do this above all by being an effective regulator.

And on the role of organisations like VAL:

Organisations like Voluntary Action Leeds play a vital role in helping charities thrive. And while the Commission cannot maintain individual relationships with many of the 160,000 charities on our register, we are working increasingly closely with partner organisations, such as umbrella bodies and membership charities. Our aim is simple: to help ensure all charities are compliant, well managed and continue to attract the support, and the trust, of the public.

Read the full speech, now available on the GOV.UK website.